Student Luggage

A Luggage Primer
Provided by Ariel Tours

Official El Al Regulations Regarding Luggage Size & Weight

The Very Short Version
(Details Below)

SizeTotal of 62 Inches (W+L+H)
Weight50 Lbs
Number of Free
Checked Pieces
2 free pieces of checked luggage on an open ticket
Carry On
1 piece
Width+Length+Height no more than 45 in.
Max Weight 17 Lbs
Price for xtra piece
for those entitled to 2 pieces
3rd piece: $130 at the airport (if 2nd piece is free)
See bottom of E- Ticket (just below ticket number) for your luggage allowance. If you prepaid for a third bag, you will see that here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Extra luggage cannot be added at this time. Should you need additional baggage, please pay for it at the airport when you depart.

PLEASE NOTE: As these are group bookings, luggage purchase and online check in cannot be done in advance. This is totally fine, and can be handled at the airport when you depart.

For each suitcase that is over 50 but less than 70 lbs El Al charges $130 each way at the airport

The Detailed Version

DimensionsThe sum of the length, the width & the height of the suitcase may not exceed 62 inches.
This applies to duffle bags and boxes as well.
WeightMaximum weight is 50 pounds per piece of luggage.
For each suitcase that is over 50 but less than 70 lbs El Al charges $130 each way
(this is in addition to any charges for extra pieces)
El Al will not accept (even for extra money) luggage that is 70 ibs or more
Carry OnIn addition to the luggage that you check in, you are permitted One (1) (echad) carry-on piece, with a total maximum dimension of 45 inches (
and a maximum weight of 17 lb.

Things to Keep in Mind When Packing

These rules are strictly enforced by El Al.
Our advice; avoid hassles measure & weigh all of your bags

Although we do not anticipate any problems, please keep in mind that El Al will be transporting many pieces of luggage for many students. Occasionally, a suitcase is delayed temporarily in transit. It is advised to intersperse various types of clothing and necesities amongst your luggage in case you do not have access to any of them for a short period of time. It is recommended to pack some essentials in your carry-on bag as well.

Israel DOES presently have a steady supply of tuna fish cans, cereal & toilet paper 🙂

Connecting to New York on a Domestic Flight

Please note that ALL the luggage rules and regulations listed here apply ONLY
to your El Al flights and not to any connecting domestic flights on other airlines.

Hockey Sticks, Guitars, etc.

Does EL AL count my hockey stick or guitar as one of my pieces of luggage ?
Unfortunately, EL AL does not have a policy on hockey sticks or guitars, or similar items. Therefore, we can not tell you what WILL happen at check-in. However, we can give you the possibilities of what may happen. EL AL may….

  • allow you to check in your hockey stick or guitar & not charge you for an extra bag.
  • allow you to check it in, but charge you for an extra piece of luggage
  • allow you to take it on the plane with you, but count that as your carry-on.
  • allow you to take it on the plane with you in addition to your carry-on.
  • allow you to take it until the plane & then they will take it from you and check it in with the luggage.

Whether the staff checking you in will allow you to check-in your hockey stick or guitar or not depends on the person checking in YOUR luggage. If you are planning to check in one of these items, we recommend that you arrive at the airport real early, before the “mad rush,” while the EL AL personnel are still in a good mood !!!